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The Knowledge Of Air Conditioning Stamping Parts You Know How Much

Sep 29, 2017

Processing mode of air conditioning stamping parts In the actual production, commonly used with the stamping process similar to the process test, such as drawing performance test, bulging performance test materials such as stamping performance to ensure the finished product quality and high pass rate.

The precision and structure of the mold directly affect the forming and precision of the air conditioning stamping parts. Mold manufacturing costs and life is the impact of air conditioning stamping parts cost and quality of the important factors. Mold design and manufacturing need more time, which extends the new air conditioning stamping parts production preparation time.

(For small batch production), composite mold, multi-station progressive die (for mass production), and the development of rapid mold changing device, can reduce the amount of stamping production preparation work (for mass production), mold, And shorten the preparation time, can be applied to reduce the amount of stamping production preparation and shorten the preparation time, can be applied to mass production of advanced stamping technology reasonably applied to small quantities and more varieties of production.

Stamping equipment in addition to thick plate with hydraulic press forming, the general use of mechanical presses. With the modern high-speed multi-station mechanical press as the center, equipped with open-book, flattening, finished product collection, transportation and other machinery and mold library and rapid mold change device, and the use of computer program control, can form a high productivity automatic stamping production line.

In the production of dozens of minutes per minute, hundreds of pieces of air conditioning stamping parts, in a short period of time to complete the feeding, stamping, out of pieces, waste and other processes, often personal, equipment and quality accidents. Therefore, the safety of production in the stamping is a very important issue.

Cold air conditioning stamping parts are generally no longer processed by cutting, or only need a small amount of cutting. Hot air conditioning stamping parts accuracy and surface state is lower than the cold air conditioning stamping parts, but still better than castings, forgings, cutting less.

Stamping is an efficient production method, the use of composite mold, especially the multi-station progressive die, can be completed in a press punching process, to achieve by the material open-book, leveling, punching to the forming, finishing the whole Automatic production. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, the general production of hundreds of pieces per minute.

Stamping is mainly classified according to process, can be divided into two major categories of separation process and forming process. The separation process, also known as blanking, aims to separate the air conditioning stamping parts from the sheet along a certain contour line while ensuring the quality requirements of the separation section. The purpose of the forming process is to cause the sheet to undergo plastic deformation under non-crushing conditions to produce the desired shape and size of the workpiece. In the actual production, often a variety of processes integrated in a workpiece. Punching, bending, cutting, drawing, bulging, spinning, correction is several major stamping process.