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LED Automatic Production Lines Production Process

May 31, 2017

LED automatic production lines is the combination of the effectiveness of the machine and the machine, in the course of the operation of the most fully reflect the flexibility of the device, it can transport system, accompanying fixture and online LED automatic production lines, organic combination of testing equipment, enough to meet a variety of varieties Product assembly requirements. The above characteristics and other LED production lines compared to the best, is the general LED production lines can not be compared, LED automatic production lines is not only its characteristics can not be compared, it is also very special transmission: synchronization Transmission (mandatory) can also be referred to here as an asynchronous transmission, which is based on the configuration options, to achieve manual assembly or semi-automatic assembly.

LED automatic production lines production process order to meet the LED automatic production lines manufacturing process order, but also from the production line equipment to reduce the difficulty and cost, simplify the design and manufacture of production line analysis and optimization. Assigned to each LED automatic production lines process content should be reasonable, do not make a certain LED automatic production lines function is too complex, if too complicated, this may make the LED automatic production lines of the beat time is too long, it may make its structure is too complicated , Reduce the reliability of the equipment and maintainability, in the event of failure will lead to the entire production line downtime.

LED automatic production lines LED lights on the accessories are to determine the direction of the direction of the transport line in the transmission, the same, in the LED automatic production lines operation, LED light parts of the crawl, process operation, return to the transmission line are also To determine the direction of the gesture. Because the LED automatic production lines of the contents of the process vary, LED lighting accessories in the grasping and operation of the attitude of the direction of the attitude will be different, it is inevitable that the direction of the workpiece should be frequent changes in the direction, which require special Of the workpiece in the commutation mechanism to achieve, but also in the transmission line need to set a variety of related feeding agencies, block institutions. Process design requires a comprehensive consideration of the workpiece in the production line of the sub-institutions, commutation agencies, block institutions, as far as possible so that the number of these institutions and the smallest, simplifying the production line design and manufacturing.