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How To Calculate The Energy Saving Rate Of Electromagnetic Heater?

Jul 14, 2017

Electromagnetic heating energy-saving after the transformation of the energy-saving rate can be 30% -70%, this sentence is almost like a label of electromagnetic heater, has long been known for people. Electromagnetic heating can really save electricity for electric heating machinery for enterprise efficiency, many manufacturers have recognized this point, but many people on this 30% -70% of the energy-saving rate is how to calculate, in fact, not too clear , Today we mainly on the electromagnetic heating energy-saving rate calculation method to do a simple description.

First, the calculation of electricity

Q (power consumption) = W (power) * T (time)

The formula tells us that in the case of constant power, the shorter the heating time, the smaller the power consumption.

Then the goal of the electromagnetic heater to achieve is to reduce the power consumption at the shortest possible heating time.

Second, the electromagnetic heating of the energy-saving rate calculation

Prerequisites must be the same power

1, not installed before the electromagnetic heating controller: the need to record the original heating equipment for one hour of power consumption, can be simply recorded as a.

2, after the installation of electromagnetic heater: record the same conditions under the power consumption, then recorded as b.

3, the installation of electromagnetic heating, the energy-saving rate is equal to (a-b) / a

Third, the installation of electromagnetic heater to recover the cost of time calculation

1, one day to save electricity = one hour after the installation of electromagnetic heating energy * day working hours * hourly electricity

2, the cost of recovery time = installation of electromagnetic heating equipment costs / one day of electricity

Through the above simple steps you can probably come up with an electromagnetic heating equipment to install how long to recover the cost, under normal circumstances, low-power machine 4-5 months to recover the cost of high-power machine 3-4 months cover the cost.

A clear record of electromagnetic heating transformation of the energy-saving rate for the installation of manufacturers is very meaningful, so that you can more intuitive understanding of electromagnetic heating can bring the economic benefits of enterprises, spending, income records clearly help to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises The