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Gear Heaters Work

Nov 26, 2016

Gear heaters based on the electromagnetic induction heating technology, without changing the bearings, gear, gear ring, coupling, and so on based on the internal structure of the workpiece, to induction heating them. Not only to solve the problem, and easy to operate, even heating, safe and reliable heating. Gear heaters work are described below.
Gear the principle of electromagnetic induction heating using electromagnetic induction principle conductor coil connected to the AC power supply, loop currents in the magnetic field generated and induced current-vortex. These currents in the conductors of the heating coil produces heat, so as to achieve the objective for heating coils of conductor external bearings. Ring conductor coil itself does not heat up. Conductor coil-winding insulating moisture-resistant materials protect body heat both inside and outside the potential difference is zero, does not appear similar to the electric heating Rod breakdown because of internal resistance wire insulation external pipe wall short circuit, spark. Because the Eddy current effect of electromagnetic induction heating source is a conductor coil, heating parts heat evenly distributed heat transfer effect, heat is easy to control and heating heating is not uniform, the production safety problems and is heating the bearing, gear parts with good performance.