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Failure Of Electric Heater

May 31, 2017

Electric heater equipment in the start before the start of the product to check whether the phenomenon of leakage, ground wire device is safe and reliable. To ensure that the work is not wrong before they can open the equipment to work.

The electric heater of the electric heater should be insulated, it should be less than 1 ohm insulation resistance, if more than 1 ohm can not be used, be sure to ensure that it meets the standard requirements to continue to work.

After the wiring of the electric heater product is properly installed, the terminal must be sealed to prevent oxidation.

Electric heater is a more popular liquid heating equipment, you can in a relatively short period of time on the liquid heating, heating process if improper handling, will encounter a lot of failures, reduce the life of the electric heater.

The use of a period of time the electric heater may be unable to heat the phenomenon

(1) electric heater inside the electric wire broken, the treatment is to replace the damaged electric tube;

(2) loose lines lead to poor contact, so you can re-connect the line.

The electric heater is in use if the electric tube is broken

Need to replace the heating tube.

Electric heater leakage

(1) if it is electric tube leakage, baked with the oven on it;

(2) if the insulation effect is still not very good, leakage situation will still appear, it is necessary to replace the electric tube;

(3) junction box water or wire insulation damage will be the phenomenon of leakage, can be dry, wrapped with insulating tape wrapped around.

After the failure of the electric heater to find out the cause and solve the problem is very important, after the use of electric heaters in the process of problems we must be properly handled to prevent the occurrence of personal accidents.