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Electromagnetic Heater Need To Know Where To Heat

Jul 14, 2017

Electromagnetic heater because it is based on the principle of electromagnetic sensors to metal objects, that is, the barrel of their own heat, compared with the resistance heat transfer mode with fast heating, energy saving and so on. Match the exact power to play the heating effect of the electromagnetic heater. So it is important to accurately match the power of the electromagnetic heater. To match the power of a good electromagnetic heater need to determine the following elements:

First: the outer diameter of the barrel. The outer diameter of the measuring cylinder can measure the perimeter of the barrel by the tape measure to calculate the diameter of the cartridge.

Second: the barrel is divided into several temperature areas in the heating. Since the temperature and power of each temperature zone are different, the power value of the electromagnetic heater must be matched according to the power level of each temperature zone.

Thirdly, it is necessary to confirm the length of each temperature zone and the magnitude of the existing resistive heating power value for each temperature zone.

If it is made of water granulator, and now use the coal heating method, then you need to understand the following data:

First: the outer diameter of the barrel.

Second: the length of the coal part.

Third: yield. 10 hours a day or 24 hours a day is a few tons.

Only need to accurately measure the above values, then you can accurately match the electromagnetic heater power size.

Into the electromagnetic heater, compared to the resistance heating method has a faster heating rate, energy saving to more than 30%. Compared to coal burning more environmentally friendly, the use of more convenient, while the temperature can be accurately controlled by the temperature control table, compared to coal heating, electromagnetic heater temperature control more accurate.