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Electromagnetic Heater Make The Train More Humane

Oct 20, 2017

Electromagnetic heater equipment is now applied to the car, which makes the train interior facilities more humane.

Humanized facilities to the car "Dongnuanxialiang". Into the car, the car is so high ah, 3.8 meters high, that does not seem to have a sense of oppression. Reporters found that the inverter installed in the inverter air conditioner, according to the temperature at any time to adjust, but also in emergency situations for ventilation; the most characteristic is that each seat are installed below the electromagnetic heater to ensure that passengers will not feel in winter cold. This electromagnetic heating equipment can be based on your needs for heating or cooling, think about it, this winter if you travel to Xi'an, sit on such a train is not as comfortable as in their own home, the electromagnetic heater is really more obvious to the train There is a feeling of home.

In addition, from the human side to consider, the car is also set specifically for disabled people to place a wheelchair disabled special area, so that people with disabilities to achieve accessibility travel.