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Electric Heater Should Be Used With Great Care

Jul 05, 2017

Electric stove, electric iron, electric heater, electric oven and other electric heater to our work, life has brought a lot of convenience, but because the electric heater power is relatively large, if used easily lead to fire. The author based on years of experience in rescue and rescue, summed up a few electric heater easy to cause the cause of the fire:

One is due to prolonged high temperature baking easy to ignite on the above combustible or near the flammable material;

The second is not installed plugs of the electric heater in the direct insertion of the wire head into the socket may cause short circuit;

Third, the user does not leave the electric heater when the plug unplugged, due to too long to cause the electric heater overheating, may ignite the adjacent combustibles;

Fourth, the resistance wire in the repeated repair to continue to use, may cause the line over load and cause a fire.

Fire reminders, in the use of electric heater, not flammable and explosive objects on the vicinity of the electric heater, must maintain a certain safe distance; electric heater must be placed on the non-conductive non-combustible material base; electric heater wire Of the safety cut-off capacity must meet the capacity requirements of the electric heater; industrial electric heater in any case should be installed in a separate circuit; wire must be installed plug, not directly into the socket plug; electric heater wire damage should be replaced , The circuit does not install the fuse of the electric heater shall not be used; electric heater must be used when care, leave the plug should be unplugged, in the course of the case, if the power failure, it should be promptly pull out the plug, For the repair of the resistance wire, it is best not to use, should replace the new resistance wire; flammable and explosive materials is strictly prohibited with electric heater drying; electric oven should have a temperature control device, it is necessary to prevent the temperature is too high, But also to prevent baking time is too long.