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Classification Of Electric Heater

Nov 26, 2016

Electric heater refers to electricity heating appliances, by type of heating method to distinguish, can be divided into three categories:
1. electromagnetic heating – electromagnetic heating through the electronic circuit board component generates an alternating magnetic fields when placed above, when using iron-containing vessels, vessels surface or cutting an alternating magnetic field lines and alternating current on a metal section of the container (the Vortex) and swirl the container bottom rail high-speed random motion of atoms, Atomic collisions, friction create heat. Thus the effect of heating. Because heating iron containers, all thermal conversion rate is particularly high, the maximum can reach 95%. Induction cooker, cookers are heated by electromagnetic technology.
2. infrared heating--infra-red form of heat transfer is radiant heat transfer, energy by electromagnetic waves. When in the far-infrared radiation to the object to be heated, some radiation is reflected back, partly through the past. When launching far infrared wavelength and the absorption wavelength of the object to be heated when heated objects absorb far infrared, and Interior molecules and atoms "resonance" – strong vibrations, rotating and vibrating and rotating the body temperature, achieve the purpose of heating.
3.-using resistance heating current through the body gives off heat to heat billets of electric heating. Common heated resistance wire, ceramic heater, and resistance-heated quartz tube heating, in principle belong to the resistance heating.