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Auxiliary Electric Heater In The Role Of Central Air Conditioning

Nov 01, 2017

When the modular central air conditioning unit is used, the heating efficiency of the host will be greatly reduced when the temperature of the ambient temperature and the standard operating temperature (outdoor temperature is 7 ° C) is large, and the temperature of the room is Room temperature may require a relatively large difference. When the temperature of the environment below 4 ℃, it will lead to the host boot difficulties, even if barely boot, but also after a long period of poor working conditions, easy to cause the compressor liquid, the risk of oil, greatly reduced Empty the use of the transfer time. At this time the central air conditioning auxiliary electric heater on the water medium preheating, raise the water temperature, both to ensure the start of the air conditioning unit and the normal operation, but also improve the host's heating efficiency and heating effect.

The role of auxiliary electric heater is divided into four main points:

First, in the outdoor heating calculation of the temperature is very low cold areas, the air heat source heat pump evaporation temperature must be very low, the compressor in the high compression ratio to work, will inevitably lead to the compressor volumetric efficiency, indicating the efficiency of decline. In this way, the heating capacity of the heat pump and the coefficient of heating performance will be reduced. The better way is to increase the auxiliary heat source equipment, auxiliary electric heater is the ideal auxiliary heat source equipment.

Second, the auxiliary electric heater itself can increase the power consumption of the central air conditioning unit from the heating efficiency of the unit which has been some compensation, the total power consumption increased little.

Third, the auxiliary electric heater installed and the central air conditioning unit integration, the use of time can be achieved with the unit linkage control, the preheating of circulating water to improve the water temperature, both to ensure that the air conditioning unit to start and run Normal, but also improve the air conditioning unit heating efficiency and heating effect.

Fourth, auxiliary electric heater do not need any other auxiliary equipment, in the installation, operation, maintenance than the use of small boilers and other equipment compared to have obvious advantages.