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Automatic Production Lines Control System Technology Application

Jun 23, 2017

Automatic production lines control system is mainly used to ensure that the line of machine tools, workpiece transmission system, and auxiliary equipment in accordance with the provisions of the work cycle and interlocking requirements of normal work, and with fault detection devices and signal devices. In order to meet the requirements of automatic line debugging and normal operation, the control system has three working states: adjustment, semi-automatic and automatic. In the adjustment state can be manually operated and adjusted to achieve a single device of the various actions; in a semi-automatic state can be a single device single cycle work; in the automatic state automatically line to work continuously. The following are the same as the "

The control system has a "pre-stop" control function, the automatic production lines in the normal working conditions need to stop, can complete a work cycle, the machine's moving parts are back to the original position before stopping. Automatic auxiliary equipment is based on the needs of the process and the degree of automation set, such as cleaning machine workpiece automatic test device, automatic tool change device, automatic chip system and centralized cooling system. In order to improve the productivity of the automatic line, it is necessary to ensure the reliability of the automatic line. The main factors that affect the reliability of the automatic line work are the stability of the processing quality and the reliability of the equipment. The development direction of the automatic production lines is mainly to improve the productivity and increase the versatility, flexibility. In order to meet the needs of multi-species production, will be able to quickly adjust the development of adjustable automatic line.

Digital control machine tools, industrial robots and electronic computer technology development, as well as the application of group technology, will make the flexibility of the automatic line greater, can achieve multi-species, small and medium-volume production automation. Multi-species adjustable automatic line, reducing the economic production of automatic line production, and thus in the machinery manufacturing industry more and more widely, and to a more highly automated flexible manufacturing system development.

Technology application

Automatic production lines can largely be said that the lifeline of modern industry, not only because it has a very high production efficiency, but also because it has a very wide range of applications. The development of modern industries such as machinery manufacturing, electronic information, petrochemicals, light industry and textile, food and pharmaceutical, automobile production and military industry is inseparable from the leading and supporting role of automatic production lines, which is also important for the whole industry and other fields Status and role.

Automatic production lines is in the pipeline and automation machine based on the function of the gradual development of the formation of the automatic work of the mechanical and electrical integration of the device system.

Through the automatic transmission and other auxiliary devices, in accordance with the specific production process, will be a variety of automation machine connected into one, and through the pneumatic, hydraulic, motor, sensor and electrical control system to link the various parts of the action, so that the entire system in accordance with the provisions The Automatic Production Lines work, continuous, stable production to meet the technical requirements of specific products. The extensive application of automated production line, for the development of modern industry provides a solid technical foundation!