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Application Of Explosion - Proof Electric Heater In Mechanical Electric Heating Industry

Jul 05, 2017

Explosion-proof electric heater is developed on the basis of advanced international electric heater technology level of a highly efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, safe for high voltage voltage thermal energy explosion-proof industrial electric heating furnace. This type of electric heating furnace is a kind of electric power as the power to its internal high temperature voltage system system into the work of thermal energy.

In general, the explosion-proof electric heating furnace is based on the heat transfer oil as the heat carrier, the internal high temperature voltage system through the heat transfer oil circulation pump through the forced processing of energy, the internal high temperature voltage heat transfer to one or more electric heating equipment. When the electric heating equipment through the high-temperature voltage system in the transition function, the heat transfer oil began a new heating efficiency, that is, through the circulating pump, back to the electric heating furnace secondary heat absorption to the electric heating furnace internal high temperature voltage system, After this cycle of work, so that the electric furnace through the heat of the uninterrupted transmission. So that the electric heating furnace internal high temperature voltage system can get sustained high temperature energy. So as to meet the heating medium in the high temperature process of heating requirements.

Explosion-proof electric heater to the characteristics of mechanical heating industry has the following aspects:

1, can achieve the internal high temperature voltage system uninterrupted transmission. To ensure that the electric heating equipment within the high temperature voltage system to obtain higher energy consumption of energy. To meet the media at work when the high-temperature heating requirements, so that its role to the maximum.

2, this device has a sophisticated structure, light weight, light weight, easy installation process. When the heating is not harmful to the surrounding environment, can be relatively low working pressure to obtain a very high heating temperature and efficiency.

3, intelligent high standards. Our relevant technical staff of its use of advanced intelligent heating mode, that is, through the gas heater internal high-temperature voltage medium to set the original work in the temperature, in the experiment, the temperature control accuracy can reach ± 2 ° C to + - 0.2 ° C.

4, the internal high-pressure system of such equipment can be provided to the DCS system heater running, high temperature, fault, outage and other alarm signals can also be accepted by the DCS issued by the automatic, outage and other operating slogans, and the electric heater system A reliable and reliable monitoring device, but this electric heater price reference is relatively high.

5, electrical equipment has a number of related interfaces, you can at any time on the heat pump, heat transfer oil temperature flow, the internal high temperature voltage pressure for effective monitoring. In order to achieve explosion-proof electric heater more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, more efficient idealized reform.