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Analysis Of Electromagnetic Heater Can Be Heated Stainless Steel?

Nov 01, 2017

The twentieth century is still in the embryonic stage of the electric appliances are mostly shoddy, the first appeared in the life of electric appliances, 1893, the first of the feathers in the United States appeared and began to use, and then to 1909 appeared in the kitchen The use of which is placed in the stove electric heater, which means that heating is transferred from the Chaihe to electrical aspects. But the general rapid development of the electric electrical industry, but it is used as a heating element of the nickel-chromium alloy after the invention. In 1910 the United States first developed the successful use of nickel-chromium alloy electric wire production of iron, which fundamentally improved the iron structure, the use of iron quickly get popular. To 1925 in Japan in the pot to install the electric components of the product, a modern rice cooker prototype. At this stage of the industry also appeared in laboratory electric furnace, melting furnace, heating and other electric products. 1910 to 1925 is the history of electric appliances in the great stage of development, in the family and industry, the emergence of various types of electric appliances and popularization applications have been rapid development, especially in the family side. So the invention of nickel-chromium alloy is laid the foundation for the development of electric power industry.

After the twenties in the new application development is not the last period, but at this stage all the various electric appliances have been re-set and continue to improve, become the history of electric heating to improve the stage. In household electric appliances, all kinds of appliances are designed to be more beautiful, durable and rugged, and most of them have automatic temperature and time control.

With the use of electromagnetic heater more and more widely, many industries need to use the electromagnetic heater to heat, many customers call to ask whether the heating of stainless steel, Jiangxin for everyone to explain the next question:

Electromagnetic heater can be heated, but the efficiency is not high, some stainless steel is not magnetic, and its heating efficiency is very low, so we said he did not heat, but some stainless steel is the guide Magnetic good, such as 430 and 409 steel, it is a very good magnetic conductivity of stainless steel, so it's high heating efficiency, it is very good heating, so for the electromagnetic heater can not be heated stainless steel or depends on the material of stainless steel.