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The Use Of Electric Heater First

Jun 12, 2017

Electric heater is a world popular high-quality long-life electric heating equipment. Used for the activities of the liquid, gaseous medium temperature, insulation, heating. When the heating medium under pressure through the electric heater heating chamber, the use of fluid thermodynamics principle evenly take away the heating element operation occurred in the infinite heat, so that the heating medium temperature reaches the user technical request.

The size of the use of electric heater are:

Fluid explosion-proof electric heater typical use of the occasion are:

⒈ chemical industry, chemical raw materials, heating, will be under pressure some of the powder boring, chemical process and eruption boring.

⒉ hydrocarbon heating, including oil crude oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, heat transfer oil, oil, paraffin, etc.

⒊ technical water, superheated steam, molten salt, nitrogen (air) gas, water and gas, etc. need to heat up the heating fluid.

⒋ As the use of advanced explosion-proof structure, equipment can be widely used in chemical, military, oil, natural gas, offshore platforms, ships, mines and other explosion-proof places.


⒈ small size, large power: the main choice of heater bundled tubular heating element.

⒉ hot call fast, high temperature control accuracy, induction heat efficiency is high.

⒊ high heating temperature: Heater planning maximum operating temperature up to 850 ℃.

⒋ medium export temperature uniformity, high precision temperature control.

⒌ use a wide range of adaptability: the heater can be applied to explosion-proof or general occasions, explosion-proof grade up to d Ⅱ B and C level, pressure up to 20MPa.

⒍ long life, high reliability: the heater selection of special heating material production, planning the external power load is low, and use multiple maintenance, so that the electric heater safety and life greatly increased.

⒎ can be fully automated control: According to the request through the heater circuit planning, can easily complete the export temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters of automatic control, and computer networking.

⒏ energy-saving effect is remarkable, the heat generated by the heat is simply 100% pass to the heating medium.

Convert electrical energy into heat to heat the object. Is a method of use of electricity. Compared with the general fuel heating, electric heating can get higher temperature (such as arc heating, the temperature up to 3000 ℃ above), easy to complete the temperature of the automatic control and remote control, such as car heating cups can be heated as needed Objects adhere to the necessary temperature distribution. Electric heating can be heated directly inside the object to be heated, so the thermal efficiency is high, the heating rate is fast, and according to the heating technology request, complete the whole heating or partial heating (including the surface heating), simply complete the vacuum heating and control atmosphere heating. In the process of electric heating, the occurrence of waste gas, residues and smoke less, can be insulated to clean the object, do not pollute the environment. Thus, electric heating is widely used in the fields of production, research and experimentation. Especially in the single crystal and transistor production, mechanical parts and the appearance of quenching, ferrous alloy smelting and artificial graphite production, etc., are selected electric heating method.