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Introduction Of Two Kinds Of Automatic Production Lines

Jun 12, 2017

A brief introduction to two production lines of Automatic Production Lines

The traditional mode of production is the mold in the production workshop according to the ring into a row of fixed placement, Automatic Production Lines below each mold are attached to the test vibrator (mostly pneumatic). The mold is surrounded by steam pipes used for pipe protection after steam molding. The operator moves between each mold to complete the operation of each process. Concrete pouring is a bridge crane hanging concrete hopper walking in the top of each mold to pour pouring. From the time of the same is the use of a crane in the top of each mold to walk again to steamed good pieces hanging out.

Automatic Production Lines is the mold in the production line with regular rhythm walking, the operation of workers standing on a fixed station to complete the operation of the process. End a waiting for the next one. Shake table selection of the whole, fixed in the production line in a certain position. Shaking table above the concrete hopper, mixed with concrete directly transported to the hopper, waiting for pouring. After the wiping into the maintenance kiln steaming.

Whether it is fixed production is still required to produce the same process.

2 operating principle of Automatic Production Lines

On the traditional fixed production mode is that we are very understanding, the following focus on the operation of the Automatic Production Lines principle.

Because in the pipe manufacturing process, there are three moments is necessary to ensure that the first tube after the static stop time according to the practical experience to 1 ~ 2 h, the second is usually not less than 4 h steaming time, the third is Concrete mixing time each time the fastest 5min. This means that the production rhythm is 5 min, that is to say that the production line in the normal production time to every 5 min will pour a mold, together because of the static stop time constraints need to use at least two production lines, and because the production Time to maintain the maintenance line at least three. To 10 sets of molds, for example, two production lines, three maintenance lines is the most reasonable. Production line placement and mold placement.

The Automatic Production Lines consists of control system, production line, maintenance line, shaking table, translating car, pouring system and maintenance system.