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When using temporary power distribution box set

Nov 26, 2016

Controlled power switches in the distribution boxes are important, we must ensure the security of electricity. With the accelerated social development, rapid rise in many buildings, these buildings during the construction process can not be separated from the distribution box, temporary power distribution box. Because of the existence of security risks, security settings for temporary power distribution box is particularly important. As a specialized multimedia distribution boxes, distribution boxes, power cabinets production and sales distribution box manufacturers to remind you, set up a temporary distribution box should pay attention to the following matters: First, the temporary placement of the distribution box environment should be consistent with drying, ventilation and ambient conditions. Note may not exist the following conditions, such as around the items stacked impede the operation, maintenance, environment in the flue gas, steam, liquid, and other harmful media, as well as solid objects, strong vibrations and other conditions may exist. Secondly, a graded distribution, respectively, set the consumer unit, power distribution chest and lighting distribution box. In General, the consumer unit should be set somewhere near the power supply, distribution box should be set on electrical equipment or load the relative concentration of the region. If set in a distribution box, on the wire, power and lighting lines should also be set up, lighting circuit wiring should be placed on the power switch.