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What are the distribution box

Nov 26, 2016

General Electric to all users assigned a circuit box. Is called a distribution box. Impact resistant, good insulation characteristics. Widely used in homes, high-rise buildings, houses, stations, ports, airports, shopping malls, movie theaters, businesses and other places.
Distribution boxes are based on electrical wiring switch equipment, measuring instruments, protection of electrical and auxiliary equipment Assembly in closed or semi-closed metal cabinets or on the screen image, constitute a low-voltage power distribution unit. Normal operation can be realized by using manual or automatic switching on or off road. Protection fault or abnormal operation with electrical cut off the circuit or the police. By measuring instruments can display various parameters for running, also can be adjusted for certain electrical parameters, deviations from the normal working condition prompts signals or, commonly used in hair distribution, substations.
Distribution boxes and cabinets, switchboards, distribution, etc, is to focus on the complete set of installation switches, meters and other equipment. Distribution boxes up to a convenient stop, transmission, play the role of measurement and judgement to stop, transmission. Distribution boxes are commonly used wooden and iron two, where consumption is quite large, so it is more for iron. Reasonable distribution of power distribution box, reasonable distribution of electrical energy, convenient opening and closing of the circuit operation. High level of safety and protection, can directly display the conducting State of the circuit.