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Distribution boxes how to protect yourself from damage

Nov 26, 2016

Distribution boxes are data on the mass parameter, usually constitute a low-voltage forest according to the electrical wiring, requires that the switching device, measuring instrument, protect electrical and auxiliary equipment to assemble in enclosed or semi-enclosed metal cabinets or on the screen image, constitute a low-voltage power distribution box. Normal operation can be realized by using manual or automatic switching on or off road.
Distribution boxes including cabinets, support plate, support bars and doors, the lower surface of the cabinets and support plate is fixed, support plate and the support bar is fixed, product support bars for not less than two, the product of two support bars connected by screws. The present invention provides a distribution box, can according to the need to adjust the height of the distribution box, simple structure, convenient installation, avoiding prevents easy distribution box damage caused by bumps on the ground, but also to prevent misuse, to save space, ensuring the security of persons and electricity.