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Distribution box construction knowledge of electrical safety and installation requirements

Nov 26, 2016

Selection of power distribution box for electrical construction knowledge: safety and installation requirements; for everyone to use: Safety distance: distribution box with heating pipes the distance not less than 300mm; and water supply and drainage piping is not less than 200mm and gas pipeline, table larger than 300mm. Distribution box hole: hole must be used, is strictly prohibited by directly cutting or welding holes, requiring a tube of a hole, not directly or rectangular hole through hole, opening with the line pipe adapter, cut a flat. γ€€γ€€Ray tube in into the distribution box should be arranged by the uniform, a box (boxes), line pipe must be matching lock nut. γ€€γ€€

Access to the distribution box line tube arrangement you want reasonable, reasonable, if the pipe affect the structural strength, must be of fine stone concrete. Box wiring standard, complete circuit number, identify the exact wire tightly, switch action innocence, requires all outlet switch to post signage Baidu optimization, indicating use.