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Difference of distribution boxes and distribution cabinets

Nov 26, 2016

Distribution boxes and distribution cabinets widely used in the field of production and life, which appears to be only a Word, function there is a certain overlap, but the difference between the two is also very large, to introduce the following:
1, name the name of difference
Literally, it can allocate power box we call distribution boxes, distribution boxes boxes are generally mounted on the wall. And more large size box is usually installed on the ground, more and larger control device, we call it power distribution Cabinet. Distribution cabinets range generally can be divided into standard and non-standard Cabinet.
2, the role of the two different functions
Distribution box can be installed in a number of places or factory production area, can also be installed in various places for life such as family, lighting, power distribution box, power distribution box of these two classes is most widely used. Distribution box is used for power control and distribution equipment. Can determine whether the power failures, transmission. Distribution box easy to manage, to repair. When a circuit failure distribution box may be a circuit overload, short circuit, earth leakage protection.
Distribution cabinets of switching and control equipment is set. Always set the power control center. Its power as the core power and the main distribution device. Power distribution Cabinet and power distribution box is the relationship between global and local.
3, both of which use different.
Distribution box is simple in structure, usually Terminal power distribution. Compared with the distribution box, distribution cabinets are more complex, both as a Terminal like a distribution Cabinet power can become part of the large, substations, its power more, bigger, more power output channel output power.