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Considerations for residential power distribution box

Nov 26, 2016

(1) construction of power distribution system should set up a general distribution boxes, distribution boxes, switch boxes, and in accordance with the "one-minute-open" order of graded sets, and form a "three-tier distribution" model.
(2) distribution system for construction residential distribution boxes, switch box installation location must be reasonable. Consumer unit as close as possible to the transformer or power supply Department, to the introduction of power. Distribution box should be installed in electrical equipment or load the relative concentration of the Center, ensure a balanced three-phase loads. Install switch box should be on the spot, circumstances and conditions as close as possible to the control of electrical equipment.
(3). to ensure temporary power distribution system of three-phase load balancing, construction site power electricity and lighting should be two electric circuits, power distribution chest and lighting distribution box should be set up.
(4) all electrical equipment in construction site must have its own dedicated switch box.
(5) the distribution box within the box and set up at all levels must comply with safety requirements, the switch should be marked, box number. Ceased to be used for residential power distribution box shall be cut off power supply, door locked. Fixed residential distribution box should set the fence and drop-rain-proof measures.
(6). difference between residential distribution boxes and distribution cabinets. According to GB/T20641-2006 the shell of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear-General requirements
Residential distribution box is used by the family, while the distribution cabinet used in centralized power supply, industrial electricity and construction of electricity, for example, residential distribution boxes and cabinets are equipment, residential distribution boxes belonging to the low-voltage equipment, cabinets with high pressure and low pressure.