Single - Punch Production Line

Single - Punch Production Line
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Single - punch production line

Nowadays computers and technology have penetrated the industry, automation has become the competitive advantage in today's manufacturing world. Automation has allowed for companies to mass produce products at outstanding speeds and with great repeatability and quality. 

If the operation has a larger facility with many employees on the shop floor two fabricate medium to large runs, automated machines would be better suited.


- Reduction in production time.

- Increase in accuracy and repeatability.

- Reduction in the number of hours worked on average per week by factory workers.

- Increased safety in the process of production. Worker safety is an important reason for automating an industrial operation. 

- Higher volume production.

Higher output and increased productivity have been two of the biggest reasons in justifying the use of automation. 

The automatic metal stamping production line mainly includes: progressive die stamping, multi-station stamping, and tandem stamping. Due to their respective characteristics, they are used to produce different automotive sheet metal parts, with their unique advantages in automotive automation.

1. Three-dimensional multi-station automated stamping production line


2. Second-dimensional multi-machine linkage robot automated production line


3. Five-Axis Robot Automated Stamping Line


4. Three, four-axis mechanical linkage automated production line


5. Continuous mode automatic production line 

Three - dimensional.gif

The use of this product is to achieve small and medium products from the coil to the finished product of the one-time stamping molding.