Industrial Automatic Production Lines

Industrial Automatic Production Lines include three dimensional manipulator moving automatic stamping line, Flexible automated production lines, Automatic continuous punching line and Single - punch production line

Product Details

Production line with automatic production, product design and process advanced, stable, reliable, and in a long time remain basically unchanged. In a large number of mass production in the use of automatic line can improve labor productivity, stability and improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce production footprint, reduce production costs, shorten the production cycle, to ensure balanced production, there are significant economic benefits.

1、Three-dimensional multi-station automated stamping production line

The three-dimensional manipulator is combined with a large-scale press multi-station (stretching, pressing, sprouting, punching, trimming, shaping, etc.) to achieve a one-time processing technology for medium-sized products from the sheet or coil to the final product. 

Advantages: high efficiency, low cost.


2、Second-dimensional multi-machine linkage robot automated production lines

It can realize the automatic production line of all the projects (stretching, pressing, sprouting, punching, trimming, shaping, etc.) Of the large-scale products from the sheet material to the finished product by using the second-dimension manipulator and multiple large and medium presses. 

Advantages: high efficiency, low cost.


3、Five-Axis Robot Automated Stamping Line

Five-axis robots and small and medium-sized press integrated line, to achieve a small product sheet to the finished product of all projects (stretching, pressure Taiwan, bud, punching, trimming, plastic, etc.) automated production lines. 

Advantages: high efficiency, low cost.


4、Three, four-axis mechanical linkage of more than one flexible automated production lines

The use of three, four-axis robot with multiple presses integrated linkage, to achieve large and medium-sized deep drawing products from the sheet to the finished product automation

Advantages: high efficiency, low cost.


5、Continuous mode automatic production line

The use of continuous mode, automatic feeder and press linkage to achieve small and medium products from the coil to the finished product of the one-time stamping molding.

Advantages: high efficiency, low consumption, low cost.

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Pressure welding production line

Single - punch production line