Automatic Continuous Punching Line

Automatic Continuous Punching Line
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Automatic continuous punching line


An automated production line is comprised of a series of workstations linked by a transfer system and an electrical control system. Following the programmed commands, an automated production line is a process that raw materials enter and finished products leave, with little or no human intervention.

A fully automated production line does not need people directly involved in the operation, and the process of the production is completed by mechanical equipment and automated systems. Therefore, in an automated environment, the tasks of human are more likely to change to system design, adjustment, supervision and monitoring the operation of the system rather than controlling it directly.

1、Three-dimensional multi-station automated stamping equipment


2、Second-dimensional multi-machine linkage automated production lines


3、Five-Axis Robot Automated Stamping Line


4、Three, four-axis mechanical linkage automated production lines


5、Continuous mode automatic production line

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The processes for these lines start with cold-rolled or pre-painted metal blanks or coils and often end with the complete manufactured part, with all its elements, ready to be mounted on the assembly lines, for example: the refrigerator body with the tanks assembled, the front and lower reinforcements riveted, etc.